Moai 7 - Mystery Coast
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Moai 7 - Mystery Coast

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Moai 7 - Mystery Coast takes you on an epic adventure. Your sister has been kidnapped by pirates! Join Hika-Ri's expedition and put a stop to the kidnappers.

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Are you ready to return to the magical island of Tapa Tui?

Moai 7 - Mystery Coast takes place on the magical island of Tapa Tui. However, pirates roam the beautiful coasts, terrorizing the island's shores. One day, you hear a cry for help - the pirates have kidnapped Kao-Ri! Chase the kidnappers, repair the devastation left in their wake, and overcome obstacles to rescue your sister in Moai 7 - Mystery Coast.
  • Experience 60 captivating Time Management levels.
  • Unlock over 50 challenging achievements.
  • Earn 18 game-changing upgrades in the store.
  • Spin the Wheel to earn valuable gems!

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