Match Marbles 7
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Match Marbles 7

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Match Marbles 7 enters an ancient desert castle ablaze with powerful energy! Devise clever strategies to shatter Black Seals, navigate dense fog, and master 135 Match 3 levels.

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Match your way through sweltering challenges!

Match Marbles 7 enters an ancient desert castle searing with mystical energy! Conquer the Black Seals blocking the entrance to unlock thrilling Match 3 levels. Navigate through floating Fog by making matches beside or under it or by using bonuses and watch Clay Amphoras instantly be destroyed by an explosion. Rise to the challenge in Match Marbles 7!
  • Master over 130 marble-matching levels!
  • Enjoy all-new features including Sealed Borders.
  • Discover gameplay changes that will enhance your experience.
  • Destroy Black Seals to enter the ancient desert castle!

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