Lost Tales - Forgotten Souls
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Lost Tales - Forgotten Souls

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In Lost Tales - Forgotten Souls the mist of misfortune descends. Stuck in the middle of nowhere after a car crash, your daughter disappears! Bad things do come in threes...

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Play Lost Tales - Forgotten Souls where nightmares come true. Save your daughter from evil hands!

Brace yourself for Lost Tales - Forgotten Souls. A crow hits the windshield and you lose control of your car. BANG! Luckily you and your daughter are unharmed, but a thick mist descends making it hard to see. When an old lady comes to the rescue, all seems fine again. Or is it? This woman isn't all she seems... Find your little girl before it's too late in Lost Tales - Forgotten Souls today!
  • save your daughter from the hands of an evil old lady
  • don't be fooled by the vicious puzzles and foul hidden objects
  • find a way out of the ominous thick mist of Darkville
  • escape your bad luck with a keen eye for detail