Lost Artifacts Platinum Edition
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Lost Artifacts Platinum Edition

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In Lost Artifacts Platinum Edition, archeologist Claire is preparing for a treasure hunt in an ancient city. Want to join her on her adventure?

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Get ready for an adventure! But beware - a treasure hunt in an ancient city is not without its risks...

Set off on an adventure in Lost Artifacts Platinum Edition. Archeologist Claire is tired of her dull life as a historian. She wants adventure! That's when she finds an ancient treasure map. Without a second thought, she heads off in search of the treasure. Can you help her restore an ancient city, defeat a dark priest, and find the treasure? Play Lost Artifacts Platinum Edition now!
  • get ready for 40 increasingly difficult levels
  • enjoy a fun adventure in a unique world
  • build a city, manage resources, and restore statues
  • choose one of the game plays, for any age

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