Julie's Sweets
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Julie's Sweets

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Julie's Sweets is a story-driven Time Management game featuring over 60 levels and challenges. Help Julie achieve her dream of becoming a master chef!

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Julie is at a crossroads in her life. Help her as she chases her dream and enrolls in a prestigious cooking school.

Julie's Sweets is the story of Julie - a teenager at the crossroads of life. Torn between the family business or chasing a college diploma, Julie risks it all by enrolling in the prestigious cooking school "Le Cookery". Help Julie hone her skills in this delightful Time Management game. Does she have what it takes? Will you see her through to the end? Experience the story of Julie's Sweets today!
  • Play 60 stunning story levels and 18 bonus challenges.
  • Help Julie become a master chef and earn her diploma.
  • Build a collection of cooking and baking tools.
  • Explore six fun locations, including the family bakery.