Halloween Trouble 5
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Halloween Trouble 5

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Halloween Trouble 5 immerses you in the spirit of the season as you uncover secrets lurking in the shadows. Make matches and survive a spooky manor this Halloween!

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Survive a manor of mysteries this Halloween!

Halloween Trouble 5 steps into the mysterious world of a haunted manor, where the fate of your friends hangs in the balance! Your Match 3 skills will be put to the test as you navigate spine-tingling puzzles, unforeseen challenges, and heart-pounding surprises. Will you emerge from the manor unscathed and victorious, or will the mysteries of the night claim you? Find out in Halloween Trouble 5!
  • Survive a mysterious manor over 100 Match 3 levels!
  • Explore a variety of minigames including Jigsaw and Memory.
  • Enjoy customizable gameplay options and adjust them anytime.
  • Become a hero and rescue your friends from an eerie manor!

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