Grave Mania - Undead Fever
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Grave Mania - Undead Fever

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Grave Mania - Undead Fever is unlike any other time management adventure. Fix up zombies to prevent them from escaping their fate. It's big business!

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Enjoy Grave Mania - Undead Fever and zap zombies for a living. Can you run a funeral parlor?

Play Grave Mania - Undead Fever and discover the wacky fun of running a peculiar funeral parlor! After Pastryport's locals start turning into man devouring zombies, Funeraria Loca sees their business collapse. Fix up the undead so they stop rising from their graves. Take good care after them, and the parlor could be big business again! Enjoy Grave Mania - Undead Fever!
  • enjoy a funky fresh time management game in the funeral business
  • keep calm, break bones and fix up zombies
  • test your undertaker skills to the limit while you try to put the undead to rest
  • join Funeraria Loca on a wicked adventure