Facility 47
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Facility 47

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Facility 47 is a true adventure! There you are, stuck in a freezing cell in a research facility in Antarctica... But how did you end up there - and what is this place?

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Imagine waking up alone, in a freezing cell in Antarctica, with no recollection of how you ended up there...

Facility 47 is a place that words can't describe! Some say it's a research facility in the freezing depths of Antarctica, while others say there's more to it, spreading rumors beyond your wildest dreams. Whatever it is, you awake to find yourself in one of its cells. With no recollection of how you got there, you have to find a way out. Be careful though, nothing is what it seems in Facility 47!
  • escape the freezing facility and find out how you ended up there
  • look for useful clues and items that help you unravel this intriguing mystery
  • enjoy amazing graphics and breathtaking locations and scenes
  • solve nerve-racking puzzles and mini-games to explore the facility's surroundings