Cursed House 8
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Cursed House 8

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Cursed House 8 brings evil spirits to the land of the living! It's time to take charge and banish the mysterious ghouls once and for all.

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Master the powers of a mysterious amulet and banish evil spirits!

Cursed House 8 invites you inside a haunted mansion. This once magnificent house has now become a domain for evil spirits! Only the power of a mysterious amulet can purge the house of their presence. Find coins scattered around the mansion to recharge the depleted amulet's power and destroy the ghosts once and for all in Cursed House 8!
  • Find the inner workings of the house in the bonus game.
  • Complete 100 exciting Match 3 levels.
  • Challenge yourself with different game modes.
  • Enjoy bonus solitaire and hidden object minigames.

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