ClearIt 5
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ClearIt 5

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ClearIt 5 makes its entrance! Both newcomers and experienced players alike will have more fun than ever with 190 more Match 3 levels to play.

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Line up your shot and fire away with 190 new fields to clear!

ClearIt 5 introduces brand new levels and more ways to have fun! Over 190 brand new Match 3 levels await, full of challenges and entertainment. Match the color of the balls, line up your shot, and fire away! Watch as all the balls disappear in a color shower and the points go through the roof! Can you handle the fun? Clear your schedule for ClearIt 5!
  • Enjoy vibrant gameplay and colors.
  • Shoot your way through 190 new levels.
  • Make the most creative and exciting combinations.
  • Enjoy hours of exciting Match 3 gameplay.

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  • ClearIt


    Innovative, unique and challenging. This puzzler will definitely dust off your brain... Goodbye cobwebs!