Christmas Wonderland 6
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Christmas Wonderland 6

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Enjoy Christmas Wonderland 6 today! Get in the holiday spirit with lovely decorated hidden object scenery. Are you ready for all this merriness?

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Play Christmas Wonderland 6 and cherish the best time of the year. Enjoy the holiday coziness!

Welcome to Christmas Wonderland 6! Wander in a winter wonderland of merry hidden object scenery. Far from here, Santa is getting ready for Christmas. But while he's making preparations, Springfield already began celebrating. Join Emma and Mike during their holiday pre-fun, from the local nativity scene to the comfort of their decorated home. Cherish the good times in Christmas Wonderland 6!
  • discover this puzzle gift for the entire family to enjoy
  • find Gold Reindeers and hidden objects all over Springfield town
  • spoil yourself and shop for the perfect Christmas gifts
  • explore and enjoy the cozy holiday scenery

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