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Beholder is all about control. As apartment manager in a grim dystopian world, it's your job to keep the Orwellian State informed. How good are you at being bad?

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It's not just Big Brother watching - it's you.

Beholder is not about the perception of beauty, but rather the fulfillment of government-appointed directives. Assume the role of apartment manager in a dystopian world. Watch your tenants closely, keeping them comfortable while you attempt to penetrate every aspect of their life. Above all, report to your superiors. If you fail, another will be there to take your place. Play Beholder today!
  • dive into a dystopian society with beautiful graphics and animation
  • learn everything about your tenants through deep interactive gameplay
  • strategize as you make choices, creating branching quests and storylines
  • play at the touch of a button - no keyboard controls necessary