Amanda's Sticker Book - Amazing Wildlife
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Amanda's Sticker Book - Amazing Wildlife

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Amanda's Sticker Book - Amazing Wildlife requires your best Match 3 skills. Amanda wants to compete in an international competition, where she can win a trip around the world.

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An international sticker book competition looms on the horizon, and the prize is an exclusive trip around the world!

Puzzle your way through Amanda's Sticker Book - Amazing Wildlife. After she successfully won her first sticker book competition, Amanda enters an international championship. The prize is a beautiful trip around the world. Can you help Amanda create five different sticker books with wildlife themes so she can compete internationally? Play Amanda's Sticker Book - Amazing Wildlife now!
  • complete 79 levels full of Match 3 challenges
  • create 5 different sticker books with their own themes
  • master and use 3 useful puzzle tools
  • gather more than a dozen elements

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