Adventure Mosaics - Lost Expedition

Adventure Mosaics - Lost Expedition

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Adventure Mosaics - Lost Expedition embarks on an action-packed journey! Help Ellie and her friends make it home in this thrilling GameHouse Premiere exclusive.

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Embark on a vibrant mosaic adventure!

Adventure Mosaics - Lost Expedition sets off on an action-packed journey! After her plane crashes, Ellie embarks on a perilous adventure to return home. The journey won't be easy, but with the help of her faithful friends, she can survive anything! Navigate a tropical forest, survive desert lands, and unearth ancient ruins in the GameHouse Premiere of Adventure Mosaics - Lost Expedition!
  • Help Ellie and her friends across 150 thrilling levels!
  • Use logic to solve colored Japanese crossword puzzles.
  • Enjoy striking visual effects and charming music.
  • Embark on a vibrant summer adventure!

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