Zombie Solitaire 2 - Chapter One
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Zombie Solitaire 2 - Chapter One

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Zombie Solitaire 2 - Chapter One tosses you into the middle of a new wave of zombie attacks. Turns out tofu burgers aren't harmless after all... Play Solitaire to stay alive!

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Save your living soul with Solitaire! Play your cards right, so you don't become a dead man walking...

In Zombie Solitaire 2 - Chapter One, just when you thought you were a real survivor, the undead return. Who could've known a seemingly harmless tofu burger would one day become a threat to civilization? Now you need to play your cards right, or you'll be joining the walking dead! Save the world, and yourself, from a zombie apocalypse. Stay alive in Zombie Solitaire 2 - Chapter One!
  • play your cards right to outrun a zombie invasion
  • power up your play and use special cards to stay one step ahead of the walking dead
  • test your resilience in numerous mini-games
  • use solitaire to save the world from a zombie apocalypse