Zombie Solitaire
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Zombie Solitaire

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In Zombie Solitaire, you need to follow your dad's map to reach an island where you're safe from zombies. Can you make it? Find out now!

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In Zombie Solitaire, a unique and funny game, you use cards to fight off a zombie apocalypse.

Play Zombie Solitaire, a unique card game, and try to survive a zombie apocalypse! A dubious tofu burger has caused an infection outbreak, turning innocent people into zombies. Your dad has left you a map that leads you through the streets, all the way to a safe island. Follow his instructions, and make it to safety. Can you survive the zombies? Find out in Zombie Solitaire!
  • enjoy more than 100 unique solitaire levels
  • buy power-ups and jokers in the zombie shop
  • remove all cards in each level for more coins or choose to run away after playing enough cards
  • fight off zombies in your own home, in the streets, in the park, and more