Yard Sale Collector's Edition
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Yard Sale Collector's Edition

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Yard Sale Collector's Edition follows a family organizing a yard sale to fund their dream trip to Paris! Uncover hidden objects in this charming adventure.

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Unearth memories and find hidden treasures!

Yard Sale Collector's Edition invites you into a charming Hidden Object adventure! Join a spirited family as they host a sale to fund their Paris adventure. Uncover buried treasures in the backyard, unlocking forgotten riches and cherished moments from the family's past. Immerse yourself in this journey of discovery and nostalgia, creating unforgettable memories in Yard Sale Collector's Edition!
  • Explore dozens of heartwarming locations!
  • Enjoy Jigsaw, Swap, and Rotate puzzles.
  • Piece together artifacts and interact with inquisitive customers.
  • Unlock 6 bonus locations and 12 additional puzzles!