World's Greatest Places Mosaics
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World's Greatest Places Mosaics

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In World’s Greatest Places Mosaics, you can explore beautiful places around the world from the comfort of your own chair! Can you complete the challenges at every location?

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World’s Greatest Places Mosaics is a breathtaking mosaics puzzle tour around dazzling locations!

Play World’s Greatest Places Mosaics and pack your suitcases for this unforgettable trip around the world! Start your breathtaking tour at the Chichen Itza, the most famous Mayan temple city and prepare for many more dazzling locations. Can you complete all the challenges along the way and master the 5 variations of mosaic puzzling? Find out now and enjoy World’s Greatest Places Mosaics!
  • visit the most beautiful locations around the world on this dazzling puzzle trip
  • enjoy a wide variety of colorful mosaic puzzles and try to earn 3 stars in every level
  • challenge yourself with 5 different variations or stick to the regular mosaic puzzles
  • choose a difficulty level that suits you and use the hint button when you're stuck