Witchcraft - Pandora's Box
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Witchcraft - Pandora's Box

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Dabble in Witchcraft - Pandora's Box and discover your hidden magical powers. The parallel world within the box awaits, and the stakes have never been higher.

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Explore the dark parallel world of Pandora's Box and discover your hidden magical powers.

Witchcraft - Pandora's Box will take you on a journey to a parallel reality. The Witch-Crow has kidnapped your daughter. Awaken the magic within and confront the terrible creature with her own dark powers. Avoid the traps, outsmart the witch, and escape the dark parallel world in this stunning hidden object adventure. Play Witchcraft - Pandora's Box today!
  • explore a parallel world which lives by its own rules
  • discover the magic within and unleash powerful spells
  • solve challenging puzzles and overcome tricky quests
  • reveal the secrets hidden within Pandora's Box