Wisbey Mystery
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Wisbey Mystery

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Play Wisbey Mystery and solve a case that's been keeping a small town in fear for years. No detective has been able to crack this mysterious murder investigation. Can you?

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The disappearance of a journalist is your chance to crack a cold case that no detective has been able to solve...

In Wisbey Mystery, a journalist goes missing while investigating an unsolved murder case. Many years ago, the sheriff and his wife were found dead in their manor close to the woods - and the killer has never been found... Did he return to stop the journalist when they got too close to learning the truth? Do everything in your power to solve the Wisbey Mystery once and for all!
  • solve a murder case no detective has been able to crack
  • return to the house where it all happened and look for clues and leads
  • enjoy an exciting story with surprising plot twists
  • complete tons of hidden object challenges and mini-games