Winter Wonders
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Winter Wonders

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In Winter Wonders, we visit an orphanage and meet its future owner, Willy Wonders. He hopes to raise enough money to buy the orphanage outright!

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The hero of this winter story has a heartwarming goal - to save an orphanage from the hands of a greedy developer.

Winter Wonders follows the charming story of a real hero, Willy Wonders. He sets out to rescue an orphanage from a greedy developer, who wants to turn it into a shopping mall. Play this fun and challenging Hidden Object game and help Willy save the orphanage. Ready for an ice-cold winter spectacle? Put on your snow boots, and get ready for Winter Wonders!
  • play through the game's story, and find hidden objects around the orphanage
  • help Willy decorate a park with stylish attractions
  • make money to buy new park equipment
  • choose from one of more than 15 game modes