Wild West Chase
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Wild West Chase

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Saddle up for Wild West Chase and set out for justice! Become a US Marshal in an exciting old Western. Can you put Bill "The Wild" Killwood behind bars?

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Wild West Chase sends you on a Western adventure. Find evidence to stop a murderous gang!

Play Wild West Chase, an exciting hidden object ride through the wild, Wild West! One moment you're looking through old goods, the next moment you're in what looks like an old Western movie! Take on the roles of a US Marshal and his Deputy to let justice rule. Stop outlaws Bill "The Wild" Killwood and his Bloodbrothers! Saddle up for a cowboy adventure in Wild West Chase!
  • get ready for a hootin' an a hollerin' in this great Wild West adventure
  • find all the evidence and stop Bill Killwood and his Bloodbrothers
  • battle in action-laden duels and discover your inner-cowboy
  • enjoy total immersion with Western-style music and graphics