Weekend Solitaire Summer Village
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Weekend Solitaire Summer Village

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Weekend Solitaire Summer Village provides hours of addictive card-solving fun! Overcome obstacles and solve complex card layouts while enjoying a bright summery adventure.

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Get ready for a sun-soaked Solitaire adventure!

Weekend Solitaire Summer Village dives into a bright world filled with vibrant gameplay, colorful animations, and hours of addictive card-solving fun! Enjoy an exciting journey through 130 levels of various complexities, each presenting a unique challenge that will put your solitaire skills to the test. Get ready to unwind and bask in the joys of summer with Weekend Solitaire Summer Village!
  • Embrace the summer sun over 130 Solitaire levels!
  • Use quick decision-making to solve complicated card layouts.
  • Build epic combos to rack up massive scores and rewards.
  • Create unforgettable memories in this delightful card game!