Watchmaker's World Solitaire

Watchmaker's World Solitaire

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Watchmaker's World Solitaire tells the captivating tale of Joshua! Discover classic Solitaire gameplay set in a time-themed world in this GameHouse Premiere Exclusive.

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Unravel the secrets of time in a captivating Solitaire adventure.

Watchmaker's World Solitaire immerses you in an enchanting tale! Follow Joshua's journey as his once ordinary life is upended when he is transported to a colorful fantasy world. Overcome great obstacles across 200 Solitaire levels, as you help Joshua solve the mystery of an extraordinary watchmaker so he can find his way home. Experience the GameHouse Premiere of Watchmaker's World Solitaire!
  • Explore a magical realm across 200 Solitaire levels!
  • Enjoy engaging and intuitive gameplay.
  • Level up your game with oodles of in-game helpers.
  • Solve the mystery of an extraordinary watchmaker!