Viking Saga
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Viking Saga

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Play Viking Saga, an important mission to save the King! Explore an island to find the creature that can lift a horrible curse.

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Viking Saga is an incredible mission to save the King. Are you up for this important task?

Discover Viking Saga, an incredible challenge! Many years ago, Viking king Arnar received a magical ring, giving him wealth and glory. A jealous creature wanted to buy the ring from the King, but when Arnar refused, the creature cursed both him and the ring. Now, Arnar's son is on a mission to find the evil being and lift the curse. Follow him on his adventure in Viking Saga!
  • work your way through over 45 strategic levels
  • move Arnar's son and his crew around the island in search of the creature
  • gather resources, construct buildings, and use special power-ups
  • finish all goals in perfect time to get 3 stars for each level