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Embark on an exciting journey of survival and uncover the secrets of a puzzling paradise.

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Embark on journey of survival.

Embark on an exciting journey of survival in Vesuvia, and uncover the secrets of a puzzling paradise.

When a fun excursion goes terribly wrong, Jake finds himself in a struggle for survival. Shipwrecked on the mysterious island Vesuvia, he quickly discovers that he isn't alone. There are others, but only known to him by evidence left behind. Who are they? Where did they go? Desperate to return home, his efforts are continuously thwarted by Vesuvia's malevolent forces. Join Jake and other captives on their quest for freedom in this adventurous journey. Help him find his way through the strange island teeming with danger at every corner. Find old notes, lost journals, recorded messages and reliable evidence from survivors who have come before. Unlock necessary tools, collect resources, and rescue spellbound wildlife in Quest Mode, or get a quick 60-second blast of fun by playing Frenzy Mode where you can rack up high scores, match special symbols and uncover other bonuses.

Break a wicked curse or become the island's next victim when you try Vesuvia today!
  • Avoid becoming an island's next victim in this thrilling Match 3 quest.
  • Play through beautiful and natural settings as you uncover the secrets of Vesuvia.
  • Earn power-ups, collect equipment, uncover clues, and find a way home.
  • Enjoy the gameplay twist where every match directs your movement across the board.
  • Choose Quest Mode for timed or untimed play and Frenzy Mode for a short burst of fun.