Venn - Overlapping Jigsaw Puzzle
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Venn - Overlapping Jigsaw Puzzle

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In Venn - Overlapping Jigsaw Puzzle, a unique jigsaw experience, you need to complete puzzles in a way you've never seen before! Are you ready for this amazing challenge?

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Play Venn - Overlapping Jigsaw Puzzle and enjoy jigsaw like you've never seen and played before!

In Venn - Overlapping Jigsaw Puzzle, you'll experience a new unique way of playing jigsaw puzzles! Do you have what it takes to complete puzzles by moving the circle pieces so they overlap each other and fit in the grid? It's quite the challenge finding the overlapping areas. Choose between 12 different image genres, pick the number of puzzle pieces and enjoy Venn - Overlapping Jigsaw Puzzle now!
  • enjoy a new and unique way of playing your favorite jigsaw puzzles
  • move circle pieces together until they line up and snap together
  • choose between 12 different genres like Flowers, Waterfalls and Skylines
  • complete hundreds of puzzles and adjust the difficulty to your liking