Vengeance - Lost Love
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Vengeance - Lost Love

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Vengeance - Lost Love pulls you into a story about a chilling urban legend! Turns out visiting your parents to fit your wedding dress might not have been the best idea...

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When an urban legend comes true, your family gets caught up in more ways than you could ever imagine...

In Vengeance - Lost Love, it turns out urban legends are sometimes more than just legends... A lone miner has kidnapped your fiancé - and he may be connected to your family's past in more ways than you could ever imagine... When strange events unfold around you, can you trust your wits and bravery to get you through? Uncover the secrets, and play Vengeance - Lost Love!
  • go after your soon-to-be husband and uncover the lone miner's secrets
  • challenge yourself with hidden object levels, puzzles and mini-games
  • explore your hometown and look for helpful items, clues and leads
  • enjoy a surprising storyline, eerie atmosphere and strange events