Undercover - Secret Management

Undercover - Secret Management

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Undercover - Secret Management joins Vera on a daring quest! Help Vera solve a blood-curdling crime and reconcile with her sister in this GameHouse Premiere exclusive.

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Sink your teeth into a gruesome Time Management mystery!

Undercover - Secret Management joins Vera on a daring journey to fight for her sister! As the city is rattled by a gruesome murder, Vera's determination leads her into the heart of the investigation, causing old wounds to reopen. In a city that never sleeps, can Vera outwit her foes, or has time run out? Help Vera reunite with her sister in the GameHouse Premiere of Undercover - Secret Management!
  • Sink your teeth into 60 addictive Time Management levels!
  • Serve customers as you collect evidence to solve a murder.
  • Engage in intriguing minigame puzzles.
  • Avoid being exposed as you discover new corners of the city!

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