Turbo Pizza
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Turbo Pizza

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Turbo Pizza will test your time management skills! The future of a pizza franchise is in your hands. Work quickly to keep the customers happy and your business will grow!

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Step into a world of pizzas, cakes and ice cream! Can your turbo service keep your customers happy?

Open up your own Turbo Pizza place with your new friends Rebecca and Robert. It's your job to keep the customers happy and quickly serve out pizzas, cakes and drinks. Work hard, and get a high enough profit, and you'll be able to open up a second location! Can you keep the customers coming? Find out in the fun new time management game Turbo Pizza!
  • test your serving skills in 50 challenging levels
  • use profits to buy new appliances and menu items
  • serve out several different kinds of products
  • keep customers happy and coming back for more