Turbo Fiesta
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Turbo Fiesta

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Sink your teeth into Turbo Fiesta and serve scrumptious space burritos! Can you help Robert and Rebecca launch their intergalactic food court to great heights?

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a burrito! Take off on an astronomical gastronomical voyage!

Turbo Fiesta sends you into space, to join Robert and Rebecca on an astronomical gastronomical adventure! They've decided to take their fast food empire to totally new heights. Did you know there’s not a single burrito bar outside earth's atmosphere? That's what we call an untapped market! Help serve scrumptious dishes to intergalactic guests and watch the business skyrocket in Turbo Fiesta!
  • serve out-of-this-world-burritos to intergalactic guests
  • play against your friends and see who tops the highscore charts
  • Help the business skyrocket by making the quickest combos in the universe
  • discover the latest power-ups and solve spectacular mini-games