Turbo Bugs 2
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Turbo Bugs 2

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Turbo Bugs 2 lets you explore an insect's microcosm in a whole new way. Imagine a world where everything, including danger is suddenly XXL! Can you stay fast to stay alive?

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Get ready for Turbo Bugs 2 and run as though your life depends on it! How long can you keep it up?

Visit the world of Turbo Bugs 2 and enjoy a high adrenaline discovery! Shrinking to the size of a bug will let you experience things in a whole new light. Flowers grow tall, danger lurks everywhere, and you're just so... well, little. But at least the cherries still taste as sweet! Gather them all and reach every goal to keep going. Run as though your life depends on it in Turbo Bugs 2!
  • pump those tiny bug-legs and run as fast as you can
  • gather cherries and special treats on your way
  • try to stay on the right track far from danger
  • keep up that speed, your very life depends on it