Tropical Farm
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Tropical Farm

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Win your own ranching paradise by entering a fast-paced contest to restore a beautiful chain of islands.

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Win your own ranching paradise!

Win your own ranching paradise in Tropical Farm by entering a fast-paced contest to restore a beautiful chain of islands.

A strong tornado has all but destroyed everything on the Greenfield Islands. To rebuild them, the government has declared a contest. Those willing to participate will have one island at their disposal, but it's up to them to raise the funds needed for the restoration. The winner will be the one who produces the best results in the least amount of time, and as luck would have it, you have just developed a technique that will rapidly grow food that is both delicious and nutritious.

Pack up your things and head to the islands to win the contest! Turn the abandoned wasteland back into a thriving island community bursting with fruits, vegetables and livestock. Starting with a small patch of land, some tools and a few seeds, challenge 45 exciting levels by growing eight species of plants and selling seven types of food products. Build various types of buildings in between the levels like shops, schools and more and help the people return to their island home.

Try Tropical Farm today!
  • Farm a tropical paradise in this brisk Time Management adventure.
  • Grow crops, sell food and raise livestock to win a worthwhile contest.
  • Earn money to rebuild the community and help the island inhabitants.
  • Challenge 45 exciting levels and earn great rewards.
  • Harvest the fun with the entire family.