Trade Mania 2
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Trade Mania 2

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In Trade Mania 2, an exciting real estate sequel, you need to acquire as much property as possible, and defeat your competitors.

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Trade Mania 2 is an exciting sequel to the hit real estate game. Challenge your competitors now!

Play Trade Mania 2, an exciting sequel to the real estate game, and defeat your competitors! Spin the wheel, buy property, and trade products at the best prices. Buy cards and use them to avoid landing on your competitors' property. Hit your goals for an extra challenge. Can you take control of the entire city? Find out in Trade Mania 2!
  • move through Vancouver, San Francisco, and Moscow in this real estate challenge
  • buy property and develop all kinds of businesses
  • buy products and trade them at the correct time for more profit
  • enjoy special events and try your luck at a casino