Trade Mania
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Trade Mania

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Enjoy Trade Mania and prepare yourself for an entertaining and challenging board game. This game is the ideal pastime!

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In Trade Mania, you need to show your board skills and make name as a real estate mogul!

Play Trade Mania and prepare yourself for a board game you've never seen before! This game takes you to beautiful cities like Seattle, New York, and Paris, where you'll have the opportunity to become a real estate mogul. Are you ready to buy and sell landmarks, neighbourhoods, and other property? Play the wonderful Trade Mania now!
  • become a real estate mogul in a challenging and entertaining board game
  • enjoy wonderful cities around the world like Seattle, New York, and Paris
  • buy and sell houses, neighbourhoods, vehicles, landmarks, and other properties
  • beat your opponents by earning more money and become a millionaire