Tower of Wishes 2 - Vikings
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Tower of Wishes 2 - Vikings

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Tower of Wishes 2 - Vikings sets sail on a mysterious Match 3 voyage. Ascend a magical ancient tower to grant your one special wish!

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Embark on a mysterious Match 3 adventure!

In Tower of Wishes 2 - Vikings, a group of Viking raiders discovers an ancient tower after washing ashore on a mysterious island. It is said that the one who climbs to the top of the tower will have their one true wish granted. With no way off the island, their only hope is to climb to the tower. But, what will they find when they reach the top? Find out in Tower of Wishes 2 - Vikings.
  • Match your way through 100 thrilling levels!
  • Climb an ancient tower and grant your one true wish.
  • Enjoy an array of minigames including Memory and Solitaire.
  • Save your Viking crew!