Tisnart Shapes
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Tisnart Shapes

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Be surprised by Tisnart Shapes, and have yourself a match game party! Are you ready for some shape-shifting, skill-lifting fun?

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Surprise yourself with a shape-shifting, tile-switching, skill-lifting treat!

Play Tisnart Shapes, and enjoy a colorful puzzle celebration! There are many matching challenges ahead, and they'll require all your spatial sight and logic. Are you up for surprising twists and turns, Dice Blockers, Rotators, Double Sliders, and more? In this game, fun comes in all shapes and sizes! Brush off your puzzle solving skills and pave your way to stardom. Discover Tisnart Shapes today!
  • clear matching tiles and colorful shapes
  • be surprised by popping power-ups
  • solve 90 different challenging puzzle levels
  • try to earn all 72 achievements, and more!