Timeless - The Lost Castle
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Timeless - The Lost Castle

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Play Timeless - The Lost Castle and save a little girl from a flying ship. She's been taken and used to conduct strange experiments. You can't let this happen!

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Timeless - The Lost Castle is the ingenious hidden object adventure you've been waiting for!

Timeless - The Lost Castle is one of those must-play hidden object games! Mysterious visions lead you to a flying ship where an innocent little girl is being held. Who took her? Where's the ship heading? How can you save her? Only you can answer all these questions! Unravel mystery after mystery and enjoy the breathtaking Timeless - The Lost Castle.
  • explore a flying ship and a snow-covered castle to rescue a little girl
  • seek and find yourself a way through this amazing story and solve challenging puzzles
  • unravel your visions and discover who the man in red really is and what he's up to
  • enjoy a story of betrayal and redemption, beautiful graphics and much more