Time Twins Mosaics
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Time Twins Mosaics

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Time Twins Mosaics invites you to join the Time Twins on an exciting romp through history. Solve challenging picross puzzles as you bring historic moments to life.

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Travel through the history of industry, creating colorful mosaics that bring historic moments to life!

Time Twins Mosaics invites you on a journey through the history of industry. Solve challenging, multi-colored picross puzzles and watch them come to life before your eyes! Boats, trains, airplanes, and more historic inventions await as you progress through centuries of industry and travel. Join the Time Twins on the journey of a lifetime in Time Twins Mosaics!
  • Embark on a colorful journey through time.
  • Solve new three-color picross puzzles.
  • Discover 100 stunning levels and inventions.
  • Unlock 6 bonus games!