The Tiny Tale
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The Tiny Tale

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In The Tiny Tale, an ancient troll sets out to retrieve stolen elements from a cunning wizard. Help him to save the Kingdom now!

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The Tiny Tale challenges you to retrieve stolen elements and save the Kingdom!

Play The Tiny Tale, a challenging action game, and save the Kingdom! A cunning wizard has stolen the four elements, ruining the kingdom and putting the gremlins to sleep. An ancient troll sets out to the wizard's dungeons to find the elements. Can he keep the gremlins awake long enough to save the Kingdom? Find out as you play The Tiny Tale!
  • play more than 35 unique levels to save the Kingdom
  • collect resources like food, wood, and mana to construct and upgrade buildings
  • fight off evil creatures like slime, ogres, and more
  • earn flowers to dress up your gremlins and troll