The Lost Labyrinth
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The Lost Labyrinth

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The Lost Labyrinth is full of mystery and secrets. The only way to fight against the dangers of this place is to Match 3 your way through it. But beware of eerie creatures!

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Match 3 games don't get much more thrilling than this: a secret labyrinth, tormented creatures, and an unknown danger.

Enter The Lost Labyrinth, as Sophie awakes to find herself in an eerie and perilous place, crowded with mysterious creatures. Can Sophie overcome the dangers, and free the tormented creatures? Discover a breathtaking adventure through the many mazes of a cursed labyrinth. Explore its mysteries and secrets, and fight against the dangers that await those who dare to enter The Lost Labyrinth.
  • puzzle your way through 120 unique and challenging levels
  • enjoy thrilling match 3 gameplay across three different modes
  • collect coins to boost your power-ups and earn all the stars
  • admire the hand-painted artwork and fun characters