The Far Kingdoms - Awakening Quest
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The Far Kingdoms - Awakening Quest

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The Far Kingdoms - Awakening Quest embarks on a spellbinding Hidden Object adventure! Will you be the hero who restores the kingdom of Elysia to its former glory?

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Break a sleeping curse to awaken an enchanted kingdom!

The Far Kingdoms - Awakening Quest follows Princess Arianna and her loyal companion, Sylvestra, on a mesmerizing journey through an enchanted world filled with mystery, challenges, and magic. Solve intricate puzzles, encounter captivating characters, and face off against a malevolent witch to break the sleeping curse and awaken a kingdom in The Far Kingdoms - Awakening Quest!
  • Explore 20 beautifully crafted Hidden Object locations!
  • Find hundreds of items and solve challenging Solitaire puzzles.
  • Replay your favorite Hidden Object locations.
  • Break an evil curse and awaken the kingdom of Elysia!