The Empress of Mahjong
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The Empress of Mahjong

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The Empress of Mahjong immerses you in stunning locations throughout Asia! Complete a wide variety of Mahjong levels for endless hours of fun.

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Claim your throne and reign supreme as the Mahjong master!

The Empress of Mahjong immerses you in exciting Mahjong levels of various layouts approved by the Empress herself! From classic to exquisitely themed levels, this game offers a wide range of options. Engage in quick blitz levels for those fleeting moments, multi-layered puzzles to test your skills, or dare to conquer giant 200-chip layouts. Settle in for hours of fun with The Empress of Mahjong.
  • Discover 120 Mahjong levels across 6 gorgeous locations.
  • Collect gold chips to pass levels and unlock new locations.
  • Boost your coins with the combo multiplier.
  • Earn extra coins and bonuses to get ahead in the game!