Sweetest Thing
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Sweetest Thing

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Play Sweetest Thing, a mouth-watering time management adventure! Become a sugar repair engineer and restore Candy Land after an ant invasion. Isn't it sweet?

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Sweetest Thing is a blast of sugar-coated fun. Gather, restore, and drive away the ant invaders!

Enjoy Sweetest Thing, a sugar-coated time management game! Ants have invaded Candy Land. The town square's chocolate fountain has run dry and gingerbread houses are starting to crumble. Time to call in a sugar repair engineer! Travel to Cupcake State, Chocolate Shire and Jelly City to rebuild a candy realm. Gather, fix and build. Isn't it sweet? Play Sweetest Thing today!
  • rebuild a lip-smacking world after being demolished by ants
  • gather sugar, fix gingerbread houses and restore Cupcake Town anew
  • enjoy candy decorations and mouth-watering backgrounds
  • find treats, hidden inside the levels and earn all achievements