Swan Platinum Edition
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Swan Platinum Edition

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Swan Platinum Edition takes the hidden object horror genre to the stage! A ballet-themed history exposes secret after macabre secret and it's all yours to unravel.

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In Swan Platinum Edition you explore the history of a ballet academy that lost all its glamour and grace...

Play Swan Platinum Edition and explore a dancing school deprived of all its grace. Your keen eye for the unseen brings you to a haunted ballet academy. Shake off the glitter from your life of fame and fortune and dive into a pitch black story filled with daunting riddles. Can you unravel the secrets of a macabre history? Save both the living and the dead in Swan Platinum Edition!
  • visit a former ballet academy plagued by a macabre mystery
  • don't be scared off by the many malicious mini-games
  • leave the world of glitter and glamour to quest after an eerie truth
  • expose wicked ways filled with horrid hidden objects