Sumico - The Numbers Game
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Sumico - The Numbers Game

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Sumico - The Numbers Game offers you a complete new way of playing puzzles! Connect numbers to the make sums and take as many steps as possible to score more points.

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Play Sumico - The Numbers Game and enjoy a truly unique and challenging brain training adventure!

Discover Sumico - The Numbers Game, a truly unique puzzle adventure! In this challenging game it's all about connecting numbers to make sums. Every time you make a sum resulting in a target number you score points. Try to take as many steps as possible to score even more points. Dust off the calculation skills and put your brain to the exciting test that is Sumico – The Numbers Game!
  • discover a new way to play puzzles in this challenging brain training adventure
  • choose between two different game modes: Campaign mode and Endless mode
  • connect numbers to make sums and score as many points as possible in 84 levels
  • enjoy the easy-to-learn gameplay that constantly increases in difficulty