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Explore Strangestone, an ancient mansion where nothing is as it seems! You couldn't wait to visit the family estate, but maybe you should have known better...

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"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" they say. But for this creepy mansion, maybe make an exception...

Strangestone... You hadn't heard of it until you read about it in the family archives. But the centuries-old mansion is yours now - well, yours and your brother's! Just don't get too excited yet, as things might not be what they seem... In fact, you'll soon find out they aren't! Try to make it back home safely in Strangestone!
  • explore room after mysterious room in your newly inherited mansion
  • search the house to uncover your ancestor's secrets
  • solve puzzling hidden object scenes and mini-games in Casual or Advanced mode
  • find out that inheritance never comes easy in this thrilling adventure