Stories in Glass - Winter
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Stories in Glass - Winter

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Stories in Glass - Winter enters a world of winter magic! This unique puzzle game combines the awe-inspiring beauty of stained-glass art with the heartwarming joy of Christmas.

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Unwrap stained-glass winter magic!

Stories in Glass - Winter journeys through 5 captivating books, each containing 8 unique stained-glass puzzles! From snowflakes to Santa, each puzzle brings you closer to the heartwarming essence of the season. Ideal for puzzle enthusiasts and Christmas lovers alike, this game offers both challenge and cheer, wrapped up in mesmerizing stained-glass visuals. Dive into Stories in Glass - Winter!
  • Piece together 40 vibrant puzzles filled with Christmas flair!
  • Satisfy your problem-solving cravings and reveal winter tales.
  • Elevate your gaming experience with atmospheric music.
  • Discover stunning stained-glass art designs!