Spring Mosaics
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Spring Mosaics

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Play Spring Mosaics and enjoy the beauty of nature. These griddlers will have you counting the days to spring as you create gorgeous mosaics.

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Bring spring into your home with this amazing griddler. It's like a breath of fresh air!

Spring Mosaics is a griddler full of the natural beauty of spring! Enjoy listening to relaxing music as you create the most amazing mosaics. Spring flowers abound! But don't go thinking it's all sunshine and roses... these griddlers make you work for your reward! With several difficulties, it will challenge even the most practised griddler. Are you ready for Spring Mosaics?
  • create over 100 beautiful spring-themed griddlers
  • challenge yourself by choosing the difficulty
  • listen to relaxing music as you solve the puzzles
  • train your brain and keep sharp!