Spring Bonus
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Spring Bonus

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Play Spring Bonus and enjoy tons of exciting 3-in-a-row challenges! Are you ready for a fun adventure with your animal friends?

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Play Spring Bonus and enjoy a 3-in-a-row game that will give you the ultimate pring feeling!

Enjoy Spring Bonus and dive into a wonderful 3-in-a-row game that will make you feel warm inside! Winter is finally over and spring is here. Birds are singing, flowers are blossoming. It's time to ring in springtime with your animal friends! Join them on a trip through the countryside for magnificent 3-in-a-row challenges in Spring Bonus!
  • ring in the magical springtime with the Easter Bunny and all of your animal friends
  • enjoy tons of 3-in-a-row challenges on your trip through the countryside
  • swap adorable chicks, cute lambs, and coloured eggs in over 100 challenging levels
  • play two wonderful game modes: Timed and Relaxed